The Administrator

Name: Classified

Age: Classified

Sports: Speed chess

Hobbies: Crushing egos, idling

From: Internetland, World Wide Web

Spirit Animal: GLaDOS

Bio: This is the Administrator of Athlete Audit who is in charge of evaluating shoes. No one really cares for the Administrator since it has no heart, no soul, uneven shoulders, and only follows its computational directives. Which means, it does not have your best interests in mind. It only cares for unadulterated objectivity and efficiency (and robot babes).



Creator / Supervisor of the Administrator

Perry Profile Pic - About Athlete AuditName: Perry Hua

Age: 23

Sports: Climbing, skateboarding, running, some surfing

Hobbies: Building character

From: Orange County, California

Spirit Animal: Sea turtle

Bio: Hi, I’m Perry. That pretty much sums up my bio. Hope you find what you’re looking for here at Athlete Audit. Remember, this is where your wildest dreams can come true. I won’t tell you how though.