Finding the perfect lacrosse cleats for you will be no simple task. There are a lot of factors that come into play when considering a pair, and you’ll have to know what your needs are beforehand. If you’re not sure what to prioritize, read this guide on how to choose lacrosse cleats for a better idea. Once you’ve studied up on the material, though, it’s time to start your search. Of course, every athlete wants to have the best equipment possible in order to play their very best. That’s why we’ve put together this list of the best lacrosse cleats available so that choosing won’t have to be so hard. Our top picks include low-cut, mid-top, and high-top options so there’s a little something here for everyone. We’ve also highlighted the best turf shoes for lacrosse as well. But enough of the small talk already, let’s start!

Best Lacrosse Cleats of 2017 (For the Lax Rat)


  Low-Cut Mid-Top High-Top
Choice #1

Warrior Burn 9.0 Low

Warrior Burn 9.0 Low - Best Lacrosse Cleats - Athlete Audit

Nike Huarache V

Nike Huarache V - Best Lacrosse Cleats - Athlete Audit

Under Armour Highlight

Under Armour Highlight - Best Lacrosse Cleats - Athlete Audit

Choice #2

Nike Vapor Speed 2

Nike Vapor Speed 2 - Best Lacrosse Cleats - Athlete Audit

Warrior Third Degree Mid

Warrior Third Degree Mid - Best Lacrosse Cleats - Athlete Audit

Under Armour Highlight 2.0 BOA

Under Armour Highlight 2.0 BOA - Best Lacrosse Cleats - Athlete Audit

Choice #3

Under Armour Spotlight

Under Armour Spotlight - Best Lacrosse Cleats - Athlete Audit

New Balance Freeze

New Balance Freeze - Best Lacrosse Cleats - Athlete Audit

Nike Force Savage Elite TD

Nike Force Savage Elite TD - Best Lacrosse Cleats - Athlete Audit


Best Lacrosse Cleats – Low-cut

Low-cut lacrosse cleats excel at mobility. The lack of ankle support means you can make lightning quick turns and accelerate at the bat of an eye. Perfect for players who really want to keep on their toes. Of course, no ankle support means no ankle support which increases the risk of injury. The best low-cut lacrosse cleats we’ve picked are the Warrior Burn 9.0 Low, Nike Vapor Speed 2, and Under Armour Spotlight.


Best Lacrosse Cleats – Mid-top

Mid-top lacrosse cleats combine the best attributes of both low-cut and high-top cleats. They provide some of the ankle support of high-top cleats but also remain quite nimble for the fast pace of lacrosse. This makes mid-tops the most popular option when it comes to lacrosse cleats, as its versatility suits the sport exceptionally well. The best mid-top lacrosse cleats we’ve come upon are the Nike Huarache V, Warrior Third Degree Mid, and New Balance Freeze.


Best Lacrosse Cleats – High-top

High-top lacrosse cleats are all about ankle support and stability. An upper that rises way above the ankle helps to keep you firmly grounded and reduces the risk of injury. However, movement is hindered since your ankle is basically wrapped up in a straitjacket. Our top choices for best high-top lacrosse cleats include the Under Armour Highlight, the newer Under Armour Highlight 2.0 BOA, and Nike Force Savage Elite TD.


Best Lacrosse Turf Shoes

Turf shoes are a good idea if you’ll be doing a lot of training, OR, if you play a lot on artificial grass and want a slight edge to your game. Either way, our top picks for lacrosse turf shoes include the New Balance Freeze, Nike Vapor Speed, and Nike Huarache IV.

New Balance Freeze Turf

Cut: Mid-top

Nike Vapor Speed Turf

Cut: Low-cut

Nike Huarache IV Turf

Cut: Mid-top



Best Lacrosse Cleat Brands

Lacrosse is still one of those underrated sports that’s still picking up steam. That means there just aren’t as many lacrosse cleat brands to choose from yet, but there’s tons of potential for more in the coming future as lacrosse gets ever more popular.

Just recently, New Balance entered the market and created their first ever lacrosse cleat, the NB Freeze, and boy, will it knock your socks off. Keep your eye out for them in the coming years. Nike is also innovating in the scene to create cleats that are more breathable, mobile, and lightweight. The Huarache V stands as testament to that. Under Armour is probably most famous for their high-top cleats, but that doesn’t mean their low-cut or mid-tops disappoint either. And then you have Warrior, a dominant force in the lacrosse world that has been making high-quality lax equipment since 1992.

New Balance Nike Under Armour Warrior