Track and field is a very demanding sport, and such a demanding sport means proper equipment will be essential. Of course, since track and field is based on athletics, it only makes sense that you’ll want some great athletic shoes on your feet so that you can perform at your very best. But picking a pair isn’t exactly clockwork, which is probably why you’re reading this (if you haven’t, read our guide on track and field shoes). In the end, what you really want is the best footwear available, and we aim to help you find them. Thus, we’ve compiled a list of the best track spikes and field shoes so you can rest easy but train hard knowing you’ve got the right shoes on. So, here are our recommendations for the best track spikes, the best jumping spikes, and the best throwing shoes. Let’s get started!

Best Track Spikes and Field Shoes of 2017 (Our Top Medalists)


Track Events

Sprinting Mid-Distance Long-Distance Hurdles

Adidas Sprintstar

Saucony Vendetta

Nike Zoom Rival D 9

Under Armour Kick Sprint

Under Armour Speedform Sprint

Saucony Ballista

Adidas Adizero Avanti

Nike Zoom Maxcat 4

Nike Zoom Superfly Elite

Nike Zoom Victory Elite 2


Adidas adiZero Prime SP


Best Sprinting Track Spikes

First off, let’s look at the best shoes for track running. Sprinting spikes are for races anywhere from 100-400m where you are running in a straight line or there is one turn. Since you’re meant to run on the balls of your forefoot, sprinting spikes only have spikes in the very front of the outsole. There is also very little cushioning and the spike plate is stiff for maximum power transfer.

Our top choices for sprinting spikes are the Adidas Sprintstar, the Under Armour Speedform Sprint, and the Nike Zoom Superfly Elite.


Best Mid-Distance Track Spikes

Middle-distance spikes are meant to be used for 800 to 5000m races, and have a nice balance between plate stiffness, flexibility, and cushioning.

Our top choices for middle-distance spikes are the Saucony Vendetta, Saucony Ballista, and the Nike Zoom Victory Elite 2.


Best Long-Distance Track Spikes

Long-distance running spikes will have the most cushioning available, all while remaining light, flexible, and durable. Best for races over 5000m.

We recommend the Nike Zoom Rival D 9, the Adidas Adizero Avanti, and the HOKA ONE ONE Speed Evo R when it comes to long-distance running.


Best Track Spikes for Hurdles

Most hurdlers use either a flexible sprint spike or a middle-distance spike since there’s a good amount of flex and cushioning with these. Too stiff of a plate and it’ll be hard to jump and can cause pain.

The best hurdle spikes in our opinion are the Under Armour Kick Sprint, Nike Zoom Maxcat 4, and the Adidas Adizero Prime Sprint.



Jumping Events

Long Jump
Triple Jump
Pole Vault
High Jump

Saucony Soarin J 2

Saucony Soarin J 2

Saucony Soarin J 2

Saucony Uplift HJ

Adidas adiZero LJ

Adidas adiZero TJ/PV

Adidas adiZero LJ/PV 2

Adidas adiZero HJ

ASICS Long Jump Pro

Nike Zoom TJ Elite

Nike Zoom PV II

Nike Zoom HJ Elite


Best Track Spikes for Long Jump

Specific long jump spikes will be labeled LJ, but you can also use some triple jump and pole vault spikes as well since the disciplines are so similar. Regardless, there will be padding in the heel and a very stiff spike plate to help you with planting and landing.

Our top choices for long jump spikes are the Saucony Soarin J 2, Adidas Adizero LJ, and the specifically designed ASICS Long Jump Pro.


Best Track Spikes for Triple Jump

Triple jump spikes will be labeled TJ, and are slightly more flexible than dedicated long jump spikes. It will also have ample heel cushioning to prevent heel bruises.

We recommend the Saucony Soarin J 2 as well, the Adidas Adizero TJ/PV, and the Nike Zoom TJ Elite when it comes to triple jump spikes.


Best Track Spikes for Pole Vault

Pole vault spikes will be labeled PV, but you can also use LJ or TJ spikes as well. The only difference is that dedicated pole vault spikes will often feature a heel-to-toe offset that helps the transition to vaulting easier.

The best pole vault spikes include the Saucony Soarin J 2, Adidas Adizero LJ/PV 2, and the Nike Zoom PV II.


Best Track Spikes for High Jump

High jump spikes are a bit different than spikes for the other three jumping events. You’ll notice this when looking at the spike plate underneath. They feature spikes on the front as well as the heel of the shoe to assist with planting. There is also lots of support in the forefoot, midfoot, and heel areas of the shoe.

Our top choices for high jump spikes are the Saucony Uplift HJ, Adidas Adizero HJ, and the Nike Zoom HJ Elite.


Throwing Events

Javelin Throw
Hammer Throw
Discus Throw
Shot Put

Saucony Lanzar Jav 2

Adidas Throwstar

Adidas Throwstar

Nike Zoom Rival SD 2

Adidas adiZero Javelin

Adidas adiZero DH

Adidas adiZero DH

Saucony Unleash SD 2

ASICS Javelin Pro

ASICS Throw Pro

ASICS Throw Pro

ASICS Throw Pro


Best Javelin Boots

Javelin boots are the only throwing shoes that have spikes, and they tend to be a bit bulkier than other types of spikes. That’s because most javelin boots have extra ankle support and the most popular boots come in mid-top and high-top options.

The best spikes for the javelin throw include the Saucony Lanzar Jav 2, the Adidas Adizero Javelin, and the ASICS Javelin Pro.


Best Hammer/Discus Shoes

Hammer and discus shoes are pretty much one and the same. They feature a smooth and rounded outsole for better spin while in the throwing ring.

Our top recommendations for hammer and discus events would have to be the Adidas Throwstar, Adidas Adizero Discus/Hammer, and the ASICS Throw Pro.


Best Shotput Shoes

Shot put shoes are a little bit different from hammer/discus shoes since there’s no spinning involved in this event. As such, a shot put shoe will be slightly curved with a wide, flat heel. The outsole will also be a little textured to provide lateral stability when throwing.

For shotput shoes, we had to go with the Nike Zoom Rival SD 2, the Saucony Unleash SD 2, and the ASICS Throw Pro.